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Geberit AquaClean Alba WC complete solution, wall-hung WC

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Technical data

Protection degree


Nominal voltage

230 V AC

Mains frequency

50 Hz

Power consumption standby max.

0.5 W

Flow pressure

0.5–10 bar

Operating temperature

5–40 °C

Water temperature, adjustment range

34–40 °C

Calculated flow rate

0.02 l/s

Minimum flow pressure for calculated flow rate

0.5 bar

Spray time

20 s

Load WC seat max.

150 kg

Odour extraction unit




With WC seat ring heating


With orientation light


With dryer functionality


Application purposes

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For convenient toilet useFor gently cleaning the anal area with water


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Scope of delivery

  • Water supply connection set for Sigma and Omega concealed cisterns 12 cm, installation height 112 cm

  • Female socket for mains connection

  • Sound insulation set

  • Remote control with wall-mounted case and battery CR2032

  • Fastening material

To order additionally

  • Geberit straight connector with sleeve and cover caps

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